Friday, July 11, 2008

The Fighting Ground by Avi

Reviewed by Ms. Gulotta-Bruno from Arongen

The year is 1778, and Jonathan is a thirteen-year-old boy living in the New Jersey countryside during the American Revolution. His greatest desire is to be a soldier and fight in the war. A warning bell begins to toll in the center square of town which signals approaching danger. Jonathan pleas with his wounded father to inquire and says he will come back to the farm and share the news. When he reaches the town tavern, he learn that the Hessian soldiers, working for the British army are making their way toward the town. Against his parents wishes, he joins forces with a small band of patriots to fight the approaching enemy. Someone from his side shoots without orders and all chaos ensues. Jonathan runs for the woods to hide. Hessian soldiers are searching the woods all around him. Does he make an escape? Is he captured? Jonathan learns the horror of war and how it can change your life forever.

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