Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Punished! by David Lubar

Reviewed by Ms. Gulotta-Bruno from Arongen

Benedict doesn’t want to procrastinate with the report his teacher assigned and convinces Logan to go with him to the library. They will play later. While being mischievous and playing tag in the library, Logan runs into a mysterious stranger in the reference section. He took magic dust and blew it on Logan and said he needed to be punished for his actions. Strange things happen to Logan after that encounter; he starts speaks in puns. The funny things he says are getting him into heaps of trouble. To end the spell, Logan is on a quest to find seven examples of oxymorons, anagrams and palindromes, and he must do it as quick as possible. What is an oxymoron, anagram and palindrome? To learn the meaning of these new words, you can read this book or look them up in the dictionary. Whatever you do, be on the lookout for librarians with magic dust, so you are not punished too!


Ava K. at Orenda said...

This book looks so good I have been looking for it in the library and everything I want to read it so badly!!!!!!!

Amanda V. at Orenda said...

This book seems Cool. I'm going to read it. :)

julia said...

i read this book for a book club in 3rd grade and i really liked it