Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke

Reviewed by Mrs. Kirby-LeMon at Skano

Orphans Prosper (age 12) and Bo (age 5) have run away from Germany to escape Aunt Esther who wants only to adopt Bo because he's cute. Unwilling to break up their family, Prosper takes Bo to Venice, Italy, a place their mother always talked about fondly. Knowing nothing about the city, nor about the fact that Aunt Esther has hired a detective (Victor) to find them, the boys meet up with Scipio, the self-named "Thief Lord," who takes them to live in an abandoned movie theater with some other street kids.

Barbarossa, a slimy antiques dealer who pays little money for the treasures the kids bring him, offers a special job to the Thief Lord. Scipio willingly accepts the mysterious task. This is where the story really picks up! Prosper and Bo know Victor is hot on their trail, for they keep bumping into him all over Venice. At the same time, Scipio's plan to steal the special item is fraught with danger, for it is hidden on an isolated island protected by viscious dogs. Will the brothers be separated forever? What will happen to the Thief Lord?

If you like stories with lots of action, interesting characters, plot twists and suspense, you'll love The Thief Lord!
It is predominantly realistic fiction, but does have some fantasy elements, so I'm taking the liberty of tagging it as both.


Sarah D. said...

We read The Thief Lord in book club and I thought it was really good! I did not excpect the ending to end how it did. The book had a lot of details that helped me understand the book better. This is what I thought about the book The Thief Lord.

Mrs. Kirby-LeMon said...

I agree, Sarah. The ending surprised me too! Cornelia Funke has written other stories that have exciting story lines and believable characters. Ask me about _Inkheart_ when we get back to Skano.

Brianna H. said...

ok, so my brother read the book and I saw the movie. I thought the movie was reeeally good so I'm going to read the book! I didn't quite understand the whole carosel thing that makes them go through time, but the book will probably make me understand.

Tim, Skano said...

The book was really fascinating and about life in Venice.

Justin said...

I'm going to read this over the summer.

Patrick, Skano said...

Cornelia Funke is a really great writer. Her endinmgs always end the way you seem they won't.