Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare

Reviewed by Mrs. Bruno from Arongen

After builiding a cabin in the Maine wilderness, Matt's father leaves him behind so that he can bring the rest of the family back to their new homestead. While he is gone, Matt is told to mark notches on a stick to record the weeks that his father will return. It should be about seven weeks. While his father is gone, Matt is recued from terrible beestings and nursed back to health by Saknis from the Penobscot tribe and family of the Beaver. In exchange for his help, Matt is asked to teach his grandson, Attean written language. Matt uses his favorite book Robinson Crusoe to teach Attean. Despite their differences, the boys learn to like each other and Attean teaches Matt many Indian customs and traditions. Seasons pass into winter and there is no sign of Matt's family. As worry sets in, Matt has to make some serious decisions. Should he accept the offer from Saknis to relocate with the Indians to go in search of food? Should he stay at the cabin in hopes that his family will return? He is conflicted, especially when it is a matter of his own survival.

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really good book