Monday, June 9, 2014

Mystery on Pine Lake by Tamra Wight

Cooper has plenty of chores to do at his parents’ new lakeside campground, and that means there’s less time for what he really wants to do: check on the loons, while kayaking with his friend Packrat. But someone put an extra board in the top of the lake’s dam, stopping the flow of water into a smaller stream and now the loons’ nest is flooded.  Somberly, Cooper and Packrat listen to the sound of the loons crying mournfully. Now the boys have to race to build a raft to replace the lost nest and hope the loons will stay and lay eggs again. Campers come to hear the loons call, and without the loons, the campground will lose business. Who would try to drive loons away?

Reviewed by Mrs. Benson from Chango

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