Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Secret Soldier: The Story of Deborah Sampson by Ann McGovern

Reviewed by Ms. Gulotta-Bruno from Arongen

Deborah Sampson was destined to do great things. In 1765, her mother left her at five-years-old because she could not care for her. She was sent around to different families. At eight, she very much wanted to learn and go to school and to keep a diary. After being a servant for a family, she gained her freedom in 1778 and became a teacher. But Deborah Sampson craved adventure and a life of her own. She wanted to be a soldier. So she put her plan into action, bought men’s clothes and pretended to be a man. After testing out her plan to see if she went unnoticed, she enlisted in the Continental Army for three years as a soldier named Robert Shurtliff. What if her secret is discovered? She could get wounded and be forced to reveal the truth? To find out more about the life of Deborah Sampson and the courage and bravery she had to live out her dreams read this great biography by Ann McGovern.


Sarah D. said...

I thought the book The Secret Soilder was really interesting.It had a lot of information on Deborah Sampson. I did presentation in school on her and it came in a lot of help.

L. Bailey said...

Thanks Sarah D for your comment! It is nice to know someone is reading our blog.
Mrs. Bailey/Okte

Amanda M. said...

i read this book in shool and it was sooooo good!!