Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dealing With Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede

Reviewed by Ms. Pierce at Tesago

Princess Cimorene does NOT like being a princess. She thinks it's downright boring! She is really tired of her dancing, embroidery, and etiquette lessons. Cimorene would much rather spend her time fencing, practicing magic and learning how to cook. Her parents are convinced that this is not proper behavior for a princess, and forbid her to do it. So, Cimorene has no other choice but to run away and live with the dragons!
Cimorene moves into the dragon Kazul's enormous cave and starts to organize her library. Before she knows it she's dealing with princes trying to rescue her, evil magicians, witches, magical rocks and poisonous coffee. Oh yeah, and giant, fire-breathing dragons too! Pick up this book to find out if Cimorene ends up living happily ever after like a proper princess should.

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Kayleen from tesago said...

I have read this book. And, I thought is was one of the best books EVER! This fantasy has a princess who refuses to be proper. It is a funny book, and the series is GREAT!