Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Victory by Susan Cooper

Reviewed by Ms. Pierce at Tesago

It's 1805 and Sam Robbins has been kidnapped! Taken away from his home by a rowdy bunch of men, Sam is forced into serving on the HMS Victory, the biggest warship in the English Royal Navy. And now, the HMS Victory is sailing straight into a ferocious battle with the French.

Molly Hibbert is an English girl living in modern times who is forced to move to Connecticut when her mother gets married. She hates living in the States.

Suddenly Molly starts having weird dreams where she is living and working aboard a huge warship. What is the connection between Molly and Sam? How could these two people, living 200 years apart possibly have anything to do with each other? And what does a tiny scrap of dirty cloth have to do with it? Start reading and find out!

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