Saturday, February 28, 2009

Suddenly Supernatural: School Spirit by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel

Reviewed by Mrs. Bruno at Arongen

Being the daughter of a medium isn’t easy for Kat. She dislikes her mother’s gift and becomes alarmed seeing a flute playing ghost roaming her school. Kat would love to become one of the Satellite Girls, a popular clique, headed by the stunning, Shoshanna Longbarrow, but it seems her gift is taking precedent. One day the ghost appears to her in the library. If she risks telling her new best friend Jac, will she think Kat is crazy? What does the ghost want with her? Or could it be that the ghost wants something from Jac? The two girls set out to reveal the identity of the ghost to uncover a mystery dating back to 1960.

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Amanda V Arongen said...

I read this book and it was so good