Monday, June 24, 2013

Pish Posh by Ellen Potter


                                                                                    Reviewed by Mrs. Ziter from Karigon

Clara may only be 11 years old, but she lives a very glamorous life.  She runs the show at her parent’s chic and exclusive New York City restaurant, Pish Posh.  Sitting in her usual seat, dressed in her black sunglasses and sophisticated black dress, Clara decides who is and who is not allowed to dine at the restaurant.  Her home life is not any less normal.  Clara’s parents have built unique rooms into their home to help Clara become a ‘kid’.  She has an indoor tree house, an indoor city street, and even an indoor roller coaster!  It seems that Clara is happy with the way that she lives her life, until she meets 11 year old Annabelle and helps the young burglar escape from the police.  This exciting friendship helps open Clara’s eyes to a new way of life and helps her see that the world doesn't revolve around her opinions of what is and isn’t cool. 

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