Monday, June 24, 2013

Spy School by Stewart Gibbs

                                                                    Reviewed by Mrs. Ziter from Karigon

Who:  Ben Ripley

What:  Operation Creeping Badger

Where:  CIA Academy of Espionage --aka-- Spy School

When:  Year 1 of Spy School

Why:  To become an undercover spy of course!

Scene:  Ben walks into his living room after school, only to find a man in a dark suit waiting for him.  The unidentified man whisks him away to the CIA Academy of Espionage.  The thing is as soon as he gets there, he is ambushed by enemy operatives in an emergence drill.  But after a few days, he quickly realized that the drills may be in fact real and Ben’s life is in danger.  He has to figure out what is real and what is only a test.  Will Ben survive Spy School? 

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