Monday, June 30, 2014


What if muffins could be magical and eclairs could be enchanted? Rosemary Bliss' parents own a magical bakery in a small town. But for Rosemary, life is not always full of bliss. Her popular older brother Ty (short for Thyme), gets compliments from everyone in town and never has to lift a finger! Instead it's Rose who spends most of her days helping her parents watch over her little brother Sage and sister Leigh (short for Parsley) and they never let her bake, even though she has the most talent among her siblings. Her life seems boring, dry and mundane, until one day when her parents have to leave home to save a nearby town with their magical recipes. Out of nowhere the mysterious Aunt Lily shows up, uninvited. Lily seems nice, but Rose is suspicious of her. Why has she never heard of this Aunt Lily? Can Rose trust her? Should she open her parent's magical cookery book to save the town, even though her parents forbade her? Read Kathryn Littlewood's book Bliss.

Reviewed by Mrs. Chakmakas at Shatekon

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