Monday, June 30, 2014

The Real Boy

The Real Boy by Anne Ursu, follows story of a young boy, Oscar, whose world is filled with magic. Once an orphan, he now has the job of being a magicsmith's hand in the land of Altheria. Being a magician's hand, while it requires often grueling work collecting flowers and herbs for his master's tinctures and healing potions, is something that Oscar much prefers to the more difficult job of working with customers and selling items in his master's upstairs shop. That job, belongs to the master himself and his apprentice. As a hand Oscar can hide, most of the time, his awkwardness and inability to interpret social queues. But when his master must leave their sacred land, the people come to him searching for answers to mysterious illnesses. Oscars only friend, Callie, a young apprentice for another magicsmith, believes Oscar is capable of more than just collecting and grinding herbs. But can Oscar find it in himself to help the sick and needy people while his master is away? And what will he learn about himself in the process?

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